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Since the emergence of sound films, in the late 1920s, the great Hollywood directors and producers have understood the importance of composing great scenes with impactful music and sound effects, which, aligned with the script, would compose the emotions of the actors.

Almost 100 years later, soundtracks continue to play a fundamental role in all types of audiovisual productions, but, despite the great offer of phonographic productions, finding tracks that fully meet the creative need with the speed that the market demands is still a challenge for segment directors and producers.
To change this reality, Daniel Figueiredo, Luiz Helenio and Julio Cesar got together to meet this demand with Music Solution, a producer of original, exclusive and customizable tracks.

Figueiredo is one of the most sought-after soundtrack composers in Brazil today. Throughout his career, he has already signed tracks for more than 15 soap operas, series and features, in addition to more than 50 opening themes for programs and has won dozens of awards and nominations, including the Latin Grammy.


Júlio César brought to Music Solution, in addition to his experience as a musician and composer, his experience as a music producer. During his professional career, he produced more than 50,000 tracks for journalistic programs, series and soap operas on Record TV - the station where he worked for many years - GNT, Multishow and the feature film “Cinderela Pop”.


Luiz, with a postgraduate degree in Production Engineering Applied to Entertainment and with more than 20 years of experience, was the executive producer of the album “Duetos”, by Jane Duboc, which features the participation of great artists, in addition to signing tracks for SBT, Globosat, TV Bandeirantes, Record TV and Canal Futura.


The individual knowledge of each partner added to make Music Solution one of the main producers in the segment in Brazil, which has a special look at each stage of a new project.


“As music producers, we went through difficulties in finding partners who could translate our need into tracks, so we came to do it differently. Having flexibility and always being one step ahead makes all the difference for our client and, for that, we make a point of listening to every detail and idea of the creative team”,

The trio, which together has more than 60 major awards in the entertainment scene, is accompanied by a team of dozens of musicians and arrangers and their own studios, in Brazil and the United States, which are in line with the highest technology available, both from equipment, as well as infrastructure, including an immersive sound mixing room.


The differential of this work model can be confirmed through the hundreds of audiovisual directors and producers, como  Laercio Ferreira, Moysés Farias, André Di Mauro, among others, who have been partners with the Music Solution.


Currently, Music Solution tracks are present in productions of major entertainment companies such as Globo, Record, SBT, Band, GNT, Multishow, in addition to production companies that produce content for streaming and video sharing platforms, such as YouTube.

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